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Face and Décolleté: how to regenerate your skin after the summer sun. This article in Sette, an insert of Corriere della Sera (daily newspaper), is dedicated to SOTHERGA’s treatments that offer a remedy for skin that has been stressed by the summer sun.

13 October 2019

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Face and Décolleté: how to regenerate your skin after the summer sun.

Sunspots, dehydration, aged skin. That same small capital of summer sun which gives your skin a healthier appearance can result in pigmented lesions on your face and décolleté in the fall. According to reports from Harper’s Bazaar UK, facial cosmetic surgery for young people is spreading amongst millennials (those under the age of 35). The English monthly reports that the average age for the “first time” is 37 years old for women, and 43 years old for men. And in the fall, demands are soaring.


The growth in interest for facial treatments has led to the development of cutting-edge yet less invasive techniques. Marco Bartolucci, Medical Director and Aesthetic Doctor at the SOTHERGA Clinic in Milan, speaks of a “new generation of effective and painless tools, some even ideal to try at lunchtime”. The perfect time to experience them is when you’re back from vacation because “dehydrated skin needs a boost that can be customized”. They range from the laser that eliminates spots in one session, to the Hydra Facial mechanical facial cleansing which is adored by Hollywood divas. “These are techniques that don’t require recovery times – explains Bartolucci, who is authorized to perform Ultherapy, a non-invasive lifting with microfocused ultrasounds and Cellfina, a new technology against cellulite (starting at 180 euro).

Spots in one session.

It’s called Iris Q-Switched, and it’s the fastest laser in existence. It can remove spots from the face, arms, hands, décolleté, and from the areas most exposed to photodamage in a single session. With a frequency of 15 hertz, it’s also used to remove tattoos: if one session is enough for a spot, at least 4 are needed for tattoos.

The treatment of pigmented lesions mainly concerns women, who wear more low-cut clothing and consider the skin of the décolleté an important business card. “But also men – says Bartolucci – at 45 years begin to ask for spot removal from the face and hands because they make them look older”. The situation is different for the keratitis that must be treated with an ablative CO2 laser that works just like an eraser, and only one session is enough even in this case.


Hydrate and revitalize are the keywords. “The famous small injects must no longer be understood as volumizing, but as a biorevitalization made of hyaluronic acid which restores a smoother and more luminous appearance to the skin – says Bartolucci – which is also an excellent base for other after-sun restorative treatments”.

The recommended routines are to never expose yourself without an SPF below 30 and not to delegate everything to after-sun cream. “The concept of a moisturizing cream needs a little revision, and even those who drink 2 liters of water a day – which is necessary – can have dry skin”.

Fraxel (with mask)

Among the timeless methods of skin renewal is the Fraxel (non-ablative fractional laser). “Fraxel is an almost lunch break procedure which, functioning as a melanin lift, gradually superficializes the blemish until it disappears. You can even put on makeup immediately after the treatment. The novelty linked to the treatment comes from Los Angeles: taking advantage of the thousand invisible holes that Fraxel generates, collagen masks can be applied that penetrate more easily. The next step is Ultherapy, the first non-surgical lifting, recommended for the neck and décolleté. A single session without anesthesia stimulates the formation of new collagen.

Renew yourself in three steps

1. Mechanical cleaning
Hydra Facial is a patented technology for mechanical cleansing, extraction and hydration.


2. The laser against spots
Iris Q -Switched is the fastest laser in existence to remove spots in a single session, thanks to its frequency of 15 hertz,


3. Non-surgical lifting
Ultherapy is the first non-surgical lifting with microfocused ultrasounds. A single session (without anesthesia) stimulates new collagen.

Our treatments

Talking about scars and skin lesions:


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