A beauty routine for him

A very interesting article on the treatments recommended for mature men by Dr. Marco Bartolucci, our aesthetic doctor.

15 April 2020


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Infinite possibilities for a male beauty routine


When it comes to masculine self-care, the main focus is no longer just on the body. For this reason, aesthetic medicine offers men many targeted treatments today even for facial care.


Perseverance is the keyword. Even in matters of vanity. What’s the starting point? A beauty routine, which is a series of daily gestures that help improve our appearance. The female world has always been used to this precious repetition, but a large percentage of members of the male world are not yet very familiar with it. But it is useful. Especially for the mature man, who is aesthetically intended as one with expression lines and maybe a grizzled touch that is perceived by many as fascinating.


The signs of aging can be diminished even without invasive interventions, the well known “touch ups” of cosmetic surgery. “Attention to the body has always been man’s first concern. But today the face is also just as important. In both cases, it’s necessary for consistency and constancy,” explains Marco Bartolucci. He is an Aesthetic Doctor, trained at San Raffaele in Milan, and Medical Director at the SOTHERGA clinic. Meaning? No type of treatment can work if it’s not in synergy with a balanced diet and lifestyle. This can never be repeated enough”. This can never be repeated enough “. In addition to basic data: men lose collagen earlier than women, and men’s skin is 20-30% thicker than women’s and 30-40% more oily.


Recommendations for choosing the most suitable moisturizing and nourishing beauty products. Then there are micro devices such as the Luna2 by Foreo, a silicone, anti-aging and cleansing facial massager. This is a very effective way, but only to be done under medical supervision. At the clinic, there is also the HydraFacial (hydrodermabrasion). ” It’s not invasive or painful. It gives a deep facial cleansing combined with intense hydration, and stimulates elastin and collagen,” ”Bartolucci explains. It’s for both men and women, and it’s adored by Beyoncé and Eva Mendez. For him, it’s recommended before a perfect shave.


And if you don’t opt ​​for Ultherapy, a non-surgical lifting with microfocused ultrasounds, there is what could be called the “beauty drip”. It’s derived from studies on the power of vitamins (including Niacin and Biotin), and antioxidants (including Glutathione). The prodigious mix was created to help Las Vegas players after hangovers and sleepless nights. It turned into the Drop Detox, with the flourishing of Drop Clinique treatments (between 4 and 6 sessions, 10 days apart), each motion required for immediate effects” reveals Bartolucci. The “drop mix” helps not only for anti-aging, but also to help lose weight or fight against chronic fatigue. “Today’s aesthetic philosophy is based around treatments that are as natural as possible. The arrival of Instagram has changed beauty standards. But a virtual filter is not enough to really change. It takes commitment and perseverance ”.


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Talking about wrinkles and loss of elasticity:


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