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01 April 2020

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What we commonly call “blackheads” are nothing more than the consequence of the opening of the comedones (which until they are closed are called “whiteheads”).


Comedones are accumulations of substances such as sebum, keratin and sometimes even microorganisms within the hair follicles. Once the comedones open, their content undergoes an oxidation process, and together it forms the so-called “blackhead” with the migration of melanin-rich cells.


They occur mainly in puberty; a time when the synthesis of sex hormones is increased. Testosterone and its derivatives stimulate the sebaceous glands, and this stimulus leads to an increase in the production of sebum which very often obstructs the hair follicle. Seborrhea is another cause of blackheads. The latter is a disease characterized by a dysfunction of the sebaceous glands which leads to an overproduction of their secretion. Even poor hygiene or the application of some cosmetic products (make-up or oily creams) favors the formation of blackheads.




Squeezing blackheads and letting their contents out is not the best technique for treating them. This gesture can lead to scarring or infectious results.


To prevent, or at least limit, the appearance of new blackheads, we suggest taking care of your skin regularly. Daily hygiene is fundamental. Cleanse the skin daily with soap and water, but it’s important not to overdo it and not to use overly aggressive detergents because a small amount of sebum is necessary to protect the skin from annoying irritations.




To date, two very useful treatments for blackheads are peeling and Hydrafacial. We all know peeling; its action varies according to the acid chosen, and it favors the elimination of surface cells, while stimulating cell proliferation at the same time.


Hydrafacial is a new treatment. Technically speaking, it’s a hydrodermabrasion. In practice, it’s a patented system that can extract blackheads through the formation of water vortices and specific products, without the trauma caused by squeezing. The treatment also includes a peeling phase and a final phase in which “boosters” are infused into the skin. These “boosters” are nothing but a mix of collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins.




If the blackheads are particularly persistent, worsen or cause inflammation, it may be necessary to resort to pharmaceuticals. All this obviously with a medical prescription.


Comedolytic therapy uses topical drugs made from retinoic acid (derivative of vitamin A). The goal of this acid and the other active ingredients is to prevent the formation of keratin plugs and stimulate the expulsion of blackheads.

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