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The Q-Switched laser is the most advanced technique for removing skin spots

21 April 2019

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Skin discolorations or spots indicate a limited or diffused change in normal skin color.

Depending on the localization of the pigment on the skin, waves with different wavelengths are emitted, which are associated with a different penetration capacity into the skin.

The Q-Switched laser emits high-energy pulses for the removal of skin spots and benign pigmented lesions. The functioning principle uses selective photothermolysis, which consists of the releasing of large amounts of energy in a very short time interval (nanoseconds) in order to induce the fragmentation of the pigment. It will then be digested by the cells (macrophages), which are normally present in the dermis.

The shortness and specificity of the light beam limit the diffusion of heat to the surrounding tissues, avoiding damage.

Once penetrated by the laser, the skin will have a slight redness that will disappear within two or three days at most.

In the following days, the patient will see small crusts form on the skin that will naturally fall away. At this stage, it’s recommended to avoid wearing makeup.

Once the crusts have fallen off, the skin will appear slightly lighter than the surrounding area. However, the complexion will return uniform at most after a few months.

In the period of convalescence, it’s important to protect the skin with sun creams with a very high protection factor, and to avoid the use of tanning beds or self-tanning creams.

Patients are therefore advised to schedule this treatment in the cold months, so that the skin is definitively healed the following summer. At this point, it will be sufficient to protect the skin from the sun to prevent the spots from forming again in the following years.

The low invasiveness of the treatment, the absence of scars, the low recovery times and the absence of anesthesia make the Q-Switched laser the gold standard in skin spot removal.

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