High flow carboxy therapy

CARBO2HP, a new patent

27 October 2019

Posted by: SOTHERGA

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Carboxy Therapy is a technique recommended for toning defined body areas and proves to be safely effective in the treatment of adipose accumulations. As a matter of fact, carbon dioxide is a biocompatible gas, which is a component that the body naturally produces and eliminates through the venous system via the lungs.


The subcutaneous injection of carbon dioxide in the gaseous state takes place at controlled temperature and flow through a very small gauge needle and produces a triple action:

  • on microcirculation: increase in the flow of oxygen to the tissues thanks to the reopening of closed capillaries and the reactivation of the malfunctioning ones;
  • on adipose tissue: reduction of fat accumulations by breaking the membrane of fat cells;
  • on the skin: rejuvenation of the dermis thanks to the increased oxygenation of the tissues, which improves skin elasticity.


The treatment, which can be carried out on an outpatient basis, doesn’t require anesthesia and allows an immediate resumption of normal daily activities.

The real novelty is represented by Carbo2HP Carboxy Therapy which uses a high flow, making the session much faster and therefore less annoying for the patient.

Already after the first sessions, you can observe a decrease in cellulite and an improvement in the appearance of the skin, which are even more evident at the end of the treatment cycle.

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