Miraculous pilosella

Excellent ally against cellulite, fat and much more!

07 August 2019

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Pilosella is a plant (Asteraceae family) with characteristic yellow flowers, and can be found mainly in Europe in mountain areas. It can stimulate the excretion and outflow of bile and promotes liver detoxification. In addition, it has diuretic and disinfectant properties, reduces the risk of uric stones, and is useful for purifying the blood from the excesses of a diet rich in animal proteins.


All components of pilosella contain triterpenes and umbelliferone, a hydroxycoumarin with antibiotic properties that disinfects the urinary tract from microbes and bacteria. and stimulates diuresis, facilitating the elimination of waste and toxins through the urine. In addition, it contains flavonoids (valuable antioxidants) that promote the repairing and protective processes at the level of the bladder mucosa and the tissues of the urinary tract.


Its strongest property is stimulating diuresis, however pilosella is also a useful plant for kidney health. Thanks to its flavonoid content, it reduces uric acids present in the body and accumulated due to eating disorders. One of the compounds inside the pilosella acts directly on the kidney, inhibiting the reabsorption of water and of ions such as chlorine and sodium. This increases the volume of urine, and improves the elimination of waste products, purifying the internal organs and the whole body in general.


Precisely for the properties described above, pilosella is an excellent ally to fight water retention and cellulite. It drains excess fluids by reducing, for example, the typical swelling of the lower limbs.


It’s also very useful in diets because chlorogenic acid, which it contains, favors the use of fats to produce energy. Pilosella also helps to delay the sensation of hunger.


Finally, it was also found to be an aid in the case of hypertension as it is able to inhibit the enzyme which is responsible for the production of angiotensin which increases blood pressure.


Thanks to mucilage, it counteracts constipation.


The recommended dose is usually 20-30 drops of Mother Tincture twice a day, to be dissolved in half a liter of water between meals.


Do not use pilosella with synthetic diuretics in order to avoid decompensation of the hydro-electric exchange at the cardio-circulatory level. Do not use it during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Always take the dose prescribed by your doctor. Not suitable for patients suffering from low blood pressure.

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