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With HydraFacial, the sea will leave only traces of relaxation on your face

27 August 2019

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A swim in the sea can be an excellent remedy to cool down, but it can also be a way to dry out your skin. Skin dehydration carries several dangers and damage to the skin. Unfortunately, sometimes even drinking two liters of water a day may not be enough to maintain a good level of skin hydration. What more can be done?


HYDRAFACIAL is the answer.


Hydrafacial MD is one of the most advanced and in demand facial treatments we offer at SOTHERGA. It’s a beloved treatment, often used by American celebrities to keep their skin healthy – even after exposure to the hot Hollywood sun. HydraFacial’s main goal is hydration. By infusing the skin with a host of moisturizing and antioxidant serums, we can keep it glowing and healthy, and also protect it from dryness caused by the summer sun.


How is the HydraFacial treatment carried out?

The HydraFacial is made up of four parts: cleansing and exfoliation, peeling (different concentrations and acids according to your needs), extraction, and hydration.

  • Cleansing and exfoliation: to ensure excellent results, it’s necessary to remove dead cells and proceed with a deep cleansing of the skin. After prolonged exposure to the sun (and consequently prolonged exposure to shielding products), your skin most likely needs a good exfoliation. The degree of exfoliation (as well as all the other passages) has an adjustable intensity, and is absolutely relaxing and pain-free.
  • Peeling: the second step of the Hydrafacial consists of a peeling made from glycolic or salicylic acid. There is a very slight itch due to the action of the acid, and its concentration varies from patient to patient. This is one of the advantages of Hydrafacial: the many possibilities of personalization of the treatment, both in terms of machine power and concentration of the active ingredients.
  • Extraction: who doesn’t feel the spontaneous desire to squeeze blackheads and pimples? Thanks to the patented Hydrafacial extraction handpiece, we can remove all impurities from the skin and pores without causing redness or stress to the skin. At the end of the procedure, you can see everything that is extracted (even from a face that seems clean at first glance).
  • Hydration: finally, the most important step. The skin is infused with moisturizing serums, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and any other product necessary for each specific patient. When finished, your skin will immediately look healthy and hydrated.


The entire treatment takes 25 to 30 minutes. It has no recovery time, does not require the use of needles or anesthesia, and can be performed all year round. Hydrafacial MD can only be performed in doctors’ offices, and is just one of the many medical treatments we offer at our clinic.

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