An all-star b-side 

The perfect butt is what makes you feel healthy and in tune with its curves. In short, it’s what makes you happy: there is no other rule! But if your butt doesn't satisfy you, it's time to really put some effort into making your b-side wishes come true.

06 January 2021

Posted by: Redazione Sotherga

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A combined action is the best strategy


There is no single remedy and those with toned buttocks know this very well. For a fantastic butt, the best strategy is to use a series of targeted and combined treatments in order to obtain the maximum result in a short time. For example, if the butt you dream of is cellulite-free, toned and firm, it will be necessary to carefully evaluate your current situation and then follow a tailor-made path with one of the professionals at SOTHERGA. The perfect cocktail for your b-side, which naturally takes into account your real needs and the goals to be achieved!


Eliminating cellulite is the first step


Eliminating cellulite and orange peel skin is essential for improving more than just the aesthetic appearance of the butt it can also improve your health. Your aesthetic doctor at SOTHERGA will evaluate an anti-cellulite treatment that best suits your needs. You will see: there are many solutions you will surely find what is right for you even if you are terrified of needles! At SOTHERGA, for example, the best protocols are applied to cellulite with cutting-edge technologies such as Cellfina, the machine that eliminates cellulite and promises lasting results for years!


Firming is key


Radiofrequency is certainly the most widely used treatment for firming the buttocks and solving the problem of skin laxity on the b-side. The combined action of radiofrequency and anti-cellulite treatments allows you to achieve visible results in a short time. As you can see, there are many things you can do to give yourself super firm buttocks.


And now cheer up!


Seeing a more beautiful version of yourself is a real injection of optimism for your self-esteem, too. If you desire to lift and tone your butt to show off marble buttocks, at SOTHERGA we have a new treatment that’s right for you. Let’s talk about SOShape, a multifunctional tool designed to help you improve skin tone, lift hips, and melt fat through induced muscle contractions.


Operation: very smooth skin


And of course, among the treatments recommended for a flawless b-side, weve included the permanent epilation for skin that is always hairless and smooth. At SOTHERGA we use two different types of laser hair removal: VECTUS and SOPRANO. Also in terms of definitive elimination of unwanted hair, we are waiting for you to show you the different treatments and help you choose the right one for you!


As we told you there is no magic formula to get the perfect butt: the butt of your dreams is what makes you feel good and comfortable! At SOTHERGA we are ready to make your wishes come true whatever they may be!


Our treatments

Hair removal


Treatments designed for those who want a smooth and soft body. At SOTHERGA, we offer a definitive resolution for unwanted hair through the most advanced technologies.


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