Efficiency and Speed of the New Cutera Vascular Laser: Immediate Results

Today we’re talking about a vascular laser, suitable for treating all vascular lesions of the face and body. Unlike previously used lasers, such as the rhodamine pulsed dye laser, typical of DIY lasers or other technologies, this new machine by Cutera is capable of treating almost all vascular lesions without almost any downtime. It starts from the face, such as rosacea, telangiectasia, small capillaries on the nose, cherry angiomas, and venous lakes on the lips, extending to more significant lesions like those on the lower limbs. Thus, we can safely treat all vascular lesions, but the particularity is that there won’t be a real recovery time. In some cases, the result is immediate, as seen in this video. There are some vascular lesions that disappear immediately during treatment, while other conditions or aesthetic issues may require more sessions.

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