Acne and scars

At the SOTHERGA clinic, you;ll find all the technologies that are currently considered to be most effective in treating this imperfection

26 February 2020

Posted by: SOTHERGA

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Acne is a chronic relapsing inflammatory dermatosis with a multifactorial pathogenesis that typically occurs in adolescence. The clinical aspects are characterized by non-inflammatory lesions (closed comedones and open comedones) and by inflammatory elements (papules, pustules and nodules). The most frequent localizations are the face, trunk and chest in the seborrheic areas.


Acne is one of the dermatological diseases with the greatest impact on your social life, especially due to its frequent evolution into scarring. Prevention is therefore very important, limiting inflammation especially to deep tissue structures. The correct therapy is fundamental as is the patient’s compliance in carrying out the treatment properly and the reduction of bacterial recurrences a problem of increasing importance in recent times. The management of scarring is also very important.


This is precisely why at SOTHERGA we offer all the technologies that are currently considered most effective to treat this imperfection. These include the Fraxel laser (non-ablative erbium-glass), the CO2 laser, Pixel CO2, RF Pixel, intensif microneedles and much more.

Our treatments

Talking about scars and skin lesions:


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