Double chin? Multiple solutions!

Localized fat and sagging skin in the chin area: when our profile leaves us speechless!

04 February 2021

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The double chin problem


The term double chin means the formation of an evident accumulation of fat easily found in people with a significant weight gain. However, it can also occur in people of normal weight due to aging, a family predisposition, and even incorrect postures that can accentuate and favor the appearance of localized fat under the chin. As in many cases, even for the double chin, a personalized path based on the patient’s needs, changing different technologies and aesthetic medicine treatments proves to be the most effective and fastest solution.


Step 1 – Treatments to eliminate excess fat


The starting point, when we talk about a double chin, is the elimination of excess fat through a specific treatment. Based on the starting situation and the patient’s preferences, at SOTHERGA the Aesthetic Doctor chooses the ideal procedure: it is possible to focus on intralipotherapy, a non-invasive treatment that is carried out by injecting a chemical agent that is able to dissolve fat. Usually, 3 sessions are required to treat the chin area with intralipotherapy: it is not a painful treatment, but it is common to notice a little swelling that disappears in a few days. Alternatively, you can use Sculpsure, the latest generation laser that selectively targets fat cells to eliminate them.


Step 2 – Treatments to tone the area under the chin


After dissolving the excess fat, it is essential to tone the area under the chin. It can be very useful to use radiofrequency to tone this particularly delicate area. In SOTHERGA we usually opt for Endymed Intensif micro-needle radiofrequency in these cases. It’s an innovative and very effective technology that is excellent for giving definition and lifting the tissues. It usually takes several sessions and a few weeks to achieve the desired result. In cases where it is necessary to have evident results in a shorter time, we prefer to insert absorbable threads under the skin, in order to guarantee an immediate effect. 


Step 3 – when filler is needed

In some cases, in order to ensure the patient the required result, the Aesthetic Doctor may find it useful to use the filler to further project the chin.

In some faces, the projection of the chin is almost absent and this makes the double chin even more visible. By increasing the projection of the chin with a filler, it is possible to resize the face by giving it new harmony and balance.


Our treatments

Talking about wrinkles and loss of elasticity:


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