Goodbye, saddlebags!

An imperfection that affects all women, from thirty to over 50 – but there is a different solution for each age group.

12 January 2020

Posted by: Sotherga

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Despite the Frenchism, it’s a rather annoying imperfection. You can have perfect legs and waist, but culotte de che (saddlebags) don’t suit anyone. Translated literally they mean “horse trousers” because they recall the model of trousers with puffs on the hips that were used to stay comfortable in the saddle.

“It’s an area of ​​preferential accumulation of fat located between the buttock and thigh, which is very common in women. It often also contains a good part of water retention”, explains Marco Bartolucci, Aesthetic Doctor at the San Raffaele Hospital and at the SOTHERGA clinic in Milan.


Do anti-cellulite creams work to eliminate saddlebags?

“The massage done during application helps a lot, especially after the treatment. But the effectiveness is rather relative”. Over the years, we must be careful because the skin sediment changes and collagen is produced to an increasingly lesser extent and laxity worsens. “The more you get older, the more fundamental the technical-aesthetic methods that focus on the lifting effect of the tissues become,” emphasizes the expert.

Today there are new non-invasive machines and treatments that help eliminate this defect and re-harmonize the figure. The results are exceptional, and for all ages.


Saddlebags at 30 years old

“At this age, you can afford treatments that dissolve the adipose tissue. The ideal is the latest generation Liposonix ultrasound device: the sound waves through the emission of heat generate micro bubbles in the fat cells which make their membrane permeable as they burst, and let the contained fat escape.” In practice, it’s as if they “killed” the fat. It’s a non-invasive treatment that lasts about 30 minutes and has no recovery time.

Number of sessions: 2, one month apart from each other.


Saddlebags at 40 years old

“I suggest Sculpsure: the latest in the field of non-surgical removal of excess fat and toning of tissues. It’s a technology that gives both a lipotitic and tensor effect, that acts with heat even in the most superficial layers and stimulates the fibroblast to produce collagen.” 

It’s the first and only non-invasive laser lipolysis approved by the FDA that allows you to selectively target and dissolve fat deposits in a few minutes. The session is painless and extremely selective: “The handpieces applied to the skin are specially designed to adhere to the adipose tissue.” 

Two treatments are usually required at 6-12 weeks apart.

Saddlebags at 50 years old and over

“You can undergo Liposonix or Sculpsure sessions, as long as you integrate with radiofrequency immediately afterwards. It’s usually used in the treatment of cellulite in the various stages, but in this case it’s ideal after lipolytic to combat skin laxity. Heat is constantly generated by the machinery, and the treatment should be repeated once every 10 days at least 6-8 times to stimulate the production of collagen.”

The best time to improve the silhouette with these treatments is during the winter or spring. These are techniques that take time to have an effect. “Don’t wake up too late”, Bartolucci concludes. “Squat and lunge exercises help a lot in eliminating saddlebags. It’s essential to drink a lot of water because the fat is drained from the lymphatic system after treatment. Avoid salt and fizzy drinks. Say yes to draining herbal teas and pilosella mother tincture (with natural diuretic properties), but only if you don’t suffer from low blood pressure.”

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