The best treatments to prepare your skin for winter!

I migliori trattamenti per preparare la pelle all’inverno!

Don't go into hibernation this winter. Dedicate time to skincare by focusing on 4 treatments: these are the real must-haves of the coldest season, perfect for when you can’t expose yourself to the rays of the sun!

09 November 2020

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Remove skin spots.


If the summer sun has caused spots on your skin, there’s no better time than winter to say goodbye to them. With the Q-Switched laser, at SOTHERGA we’re able to fragment the surface cells that contain an excessive amount of melanin without affecting the surrounding areas. Usually, only one session is enough to permanently solve the problem! Today, the very latest version of the PicoSure has also arrived at SOTHERGA. The innovative picosecond laser truly represents a new frontier in the treatment of melasma (a particular type of spot). Following this treatment, a crust forms on the spot which then gives way to healthy and new tissue after it has fallen away therefore requiring a minimum recovery time.





Stop time with HY-FHY.


Winter is the perfect season to pause aging and regain brightness, radiance and a flawless complexion. An innovative path, exclusive to SOTHERGA, that mixes three targeted treatments and gives you a younger and healthier appearance in 4 sessions. This new path comes from an anti-aging approach aimed at counteracting summer sun damage and aims at the longevity of the young and healthy state of your skin. The protocol has been specially created to minimize recovery times and allow you to immediately return to everyday life after the session. The HY-FHY path attenuates spots and discolorations of the face, making it ideal for those who want a holistic and preventive treatment. It counteracts generalized summer damage, so in the case of specific dark spots it’s better to focus on laser technology that targets them more directly.





Shine with skin resurfacing.


Little to no skin exposure is also the right time for skin resurfacing. This is a special treatment that uses a fractional CO2 laser (CO2RE) to eliminate the superficial layers of the skin to make the face toned, luminous and rejuvenated. The CO2 laser removes a superficial skin layer, and it’s a treatment that requires longer recovery times than the HY-FHY protocol for example because the skin on the face needs time to completely regenerate. However, it’s worth it because your skin becomes very soft and perfect after recovery.





Free yourself from old tattoos.


Winter is also the perfect time to say goodbye to tattoos that you no longer like in a simple and effective way. At SOTHERGA we use the very valid Q-Switched laser for tattoo removal using short and powerful pulses that, session after session, allow us to eliminate the color. Now you can also use the brand new version of PicoSure for tattoo removal, which has just arrived in SOTHERGA exclusively for Italy. It allows you to get rid of even the most difficult to remove tattoos – for any type of color. To erase tattoos, PicoSure uses a technology similar to that of the removal of spots but with different settings set by the doctor. Unlike spots for which only one session is often enough, more sessions are required for tattoos and recovery times must be respected between one treatment and another.

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