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HY-FHY - the exclusive treatment created by Dr Marco Bartolucci to repair skin damage caused by ageing and restore skin health and youth - is waiting for you at SOTHERGA.

15 November 2021

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How often do we look in the mirror and catch a glimpse of that age spot or wrinkle that’s getting deeper by the day? You’ve no doubt tried many different things. And the idea of resorting to products that turn out to be unsuitable for you or offer only temporary and never fully satisfactory results is exhausting.


From today, you can stop looking for a new solutions to make your skin more beautiful and younger! HY-FHY is now available at SOTHERGA; an exclusive, effective and preventive treatment that aims to slow down the skin’s natural ageing process. HY-FHY is a combination treatment that prevents ageing by acting simultaneously on sun damage and the natural consequences of ageing, visibly improving the appearance of the skin. An innovative solution that combines three different technologies which aim to noticeably rejuvenate the skin’s appearance. HY-FHY is a multi-step process designed to cleanse, eliminate imperfections and stimulate the skin’s natural regeneration.


HY-FHY step-by-step 


The first step in the treatment is a careful assessment of the skin’s health condition. For this purpose, the aesthetic doctor uses the Observ, a latest-generation machine, winner of the DermaScope Aestheticians’ Choice Awards 2016 & 2017. The Observ uses a combination of lamps which allows deep examination of the skin, focusing not only on the epidermis, but also the grain, the pores, the excessive presence of sebum, wrinkles and above all hyperpigmentation – even the kind that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is precisely these hidden, deep hyperpigmentations that are tackled first to prevent their appearance as time progresses. This machine is also used at the end of the treatment to compare results.  Diagnosis is a fundamental step that provides the patient with a series of tailor-made, personalised treatments offering optimal results.


After this initial phase, the real first step of the medical treatment begins. This consists of HYdrodermabrasion, a medical deep cleansing of the skin performed with the state-of-the-art Hydrafacial machine. Impurities are extracted from the skin without mechanical squeezing, and therefore without stress to the skin. A superficial layer of dead cells and excess sebum is also harmlessly removed. At the same time, the skin is deeply cleansed and thoroughly moisturised by means of a purifying, soothing and refreshing treatment. This phase prepares the way for the following steps: the Hydrafacial enables deeper and more homogeneous delivery of the active ingredients and boosts laser action.


The second step of the treatment involves the use of a non-ablative fractional laser, Fraxel, which creates thermal micro-channels that stimulate skin regeneration. This type of laser is at the cutting edge of its category, due to its incredible effectiveness in reducing blemishes and enlarged pores and visibly improves skin texture and complexion. It is currently the only one to have FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification for the treatment of melasma; the typical hyperpigmentation of the face. A study by the Harvard School of Medicine defined it as the melanin lift in that it succeeds in elevating those deep, not-yet-visible hyperpigmentations through thermal channeling. This is one of the great added values of the HY-FHY treatment: it is precisely by eliminating hidden skin damage and preventing its surfacing that it succeeds in stopping the hands of time! When applied to the face, the Fraxel laser stimulates the deep tissues to naturally repair pigmented lesions such as age spots, sun spots or melasma, as well as periorbital wrinkles and acne scars. This technology safely targets only the affected fraction of skin, without damaging the surrounding tissue. The treatment is painless, absolutely non-invasive and improves skin texture without creating scabs or visible marks on the face, ensuring immediate recovery time. After the second step with the Fraxel laser, acne scars, wrinkles and melanin spots are reduced or completely eliminated. Sun-damaged skin is visibly rejuvenated.


The treatment ends with a third and final step. The protagonist of this phase is Hyaluronic Acid, which penetrates deep into the thermal channels for an immediate bio-revitalizing effect. The beneficial properties of hyaluronic acid have been recognised for many years, and perhaps not everyone is aware that it is well tolerated by our bodies and is easily assimilated being a molecule that is already found naturally in the joints, eyes and skin. When hyaluronic acid is applied directly to the skin, however, absorption is minimal. In aesthetic medicine, subcutaneous injections of hyaluronic acid are used to achieve a bio-revitalizing effect. Hence the great innovation of the HY-FHY treatment, which exploits the thermal channels created by the laser to transfer the hyaluronic acid in depth without using needles. This offers a double advantage in terms of uniform absorption of the active substance and, of course, patient comfort. The products used for this treatment are made by IBSA, an Italian company that shares SOTHERGA’ s belief in a natural healing approach. Depending on the clinical case, and in addition to hyaluronic acid, depigmentation molecules can be delivered through the thermal channels of the laser for a synergic effect in eliminating deep spots.


The effect of the treatment is visible after the first session, but increases in effectiveness with each new treatment. The HY-FHY protocol typically involves 3 sessions in the first year, every 3-4 weeks, and then a maintenance session in subsequent years. Recovery time after each session is practically zero: the skin is perfectly intact and has no scabs, scales or peeling, and after a few hours you can return to your normal beauty routine, including make-up!


Finally, to maximise the effect of HY-FHY, patients are given a programme to follow at home, consisting of a kit of ZO Obagi creams: a line of products designed by Dr Zein Obagi, the man who takes care of Hollywood stars. The kit includes a gentle cleanser that is ideal for skin that has just been treated with lasers, a regenerative cream that speeds up recovery time, and a sunscreen, which is essential when undergoing laser treatment to prevent new hyperpigmentation. These products are recognised worldwide as innovative solutions to optimise skin health and are based on the latest breakthroughs in cosmeceutical technology, unique delivery systems, bio-engineering complexes and exclusive formulations. Dr Zein Obagi is world-renowned for his use of cutting-edge techniques and his extensive experience in the field of cosmetics and aesthetic medicine.


The new HY-FHY programme combines the most effective treatments and offers a genuine opportunity not only to slow down time but also to correct the imperfections and damage to skin caused by ageing. HY-FHY is a combination of the best medical strategies. It is a non-invasive procedure that allows you to return to everyday life immediately after each treatment, as it does not require any recovery time. Those who undergo the treatment can not only return to their daily lives quickly, but can also resume all activities, including sports. The HY-FHY treatment is particularly suitable after the summer because it can correct any damage the sun has caused to the skin. At the same time, like many medical anti-dark spot treatments, any exposure to the sun in the weeks following the treatment is not recommended.


Why is the exclusive HY-FHY treatment right for you?


HY-FHY is a great way to slow down skin ageing, a perfect treatment to be included in your autumn or winter beauty routine, once a year.  HY-FHY is a medical treatment carried out exclusively at SOTHERGA by expert doctors in aesthetic medicine, who will take care of the entire regeneration process of your skin, starting with an initial appointment to examine and analyse the skin, continuing with studio sessions and home follow-up treatments. The results can also be highlighted and analysed thanks to the Observ, and the method of comparison through before/after photos that allows you to assess real skin improvements. Thanks to this method, it is possible to see and measure the results obtained at the end of the medical procedure. The SOTHERGA medical team is at your disposal to explain all details of this innovative and exclusive treatment that will allow you to slow down time!

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