Prevention: a powerful weapon to fight melanoma

Early screening ensures timely diagnosis, which is the basis of the optimal treatment for this pathology that affects more and more young people.

05 May 2021

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Melanoma in Italy


In Italy, new cases of melanoma have increased by 20% from 12,300 in 2019 to almost 14,900 in 2020. What are the reasons for this exponential growth of the disease? On one hand, better tools are available for the early diagnosis of this tumor, followed also by the greater participation of citizens in awareness campaigns for mole checks. On the other hand, a relevant cause of melanoma is continuous and incorrect sun exposure as teenagers, the reckless use of tanning beds and sun lamps (now listed by the AIRC in the category of maximum risk of carcinogenic substances like cigarette smoke).


The importance of prevention


Preventing skin melanoma is possible. Like other conditions, such as breast cancer, early screening can truly save our lives. Only an early and timely diagnosis reduces the effect and severity of this particularly aggressive form of cancer.


To prevent cutaneous melanoma, risk factors must firstly be reduced. The most important one is to protect yourself from the sun by avoiding exposure during peak hours and by using physical means of protection (gats, t-shirts, etc.) and adequate sun filters (spf 50). A good habit that must be adopted with the arrival of summer when we go to the beach, but also in the city!


Then, after reducing the risk factors, a melanoma screening test must be performed every year. This test makes it possible to identify the so-called ‘subtle melanoma’ or melanoma which is surgically treatable and completely curable. Don’t be afraid of screening: it’s fast, non-invasive, quick and it saves your skin!


How the visit works


The screening test for the detection of melanoma is MOLE MAPPING. This procedure is comparable to other cancer screening tests recommended for the early diagnosis of various cancers such as the pap test for cervical cancer, mammography for breast cancer and colonoscopy after 50 for colon cancer.


The examination consists in checking and evaluating, with the use of the dermatoscope (the dermatologist’s lens) and the structure of the melanocytic lesions (i.e. the moles). Only the dermatologist is able to discern if a skin spot is a mole or another type of lesion! Mole mapping is totally painless and non-invasive, and is recommended at least once a year after the age of 18.


Making an early diagnosis of melanoma with an examination that is safe (without side effects), acceptable (completely painless) and reliable, means healing: never forget it!


In SOTHERGA, until 31st May, you can book your mole mapping with a special discount for May, the month dedicated to the prevention of melanoma.



Our treatments

Talking about prevention:


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