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All the answers from the SOTHERGA team regarding your lip questions: features, enhancement strategies and innovative treatments.

16 June 2021

Posted by: Redazione Sotherga

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What are the characteristics of lips?


The lips, located between the nose and chin, occupy a space of important functional and aesthetic significance in the lower portion of your face. They are made up of skin and mucous membrane. They allow us to speak, to nourish ourselves and are the first organ of the newborn that comes into contact with the mother through sucking on the nipple. They also lead directly to an important emotional expression: kissing!


For me, it’s crucial to approach such a delicate facial area with the utmost care: aesthetics and function are two equally important criteria when I’m working on this area.


For example, over-inflating the lips can even compromise the function of nutrition. In keeping with the SOTHERGA philosophy, when it comes to lips too, I’m committed to the idea that beauty should be enhanced and improved, but never distorted.



Is it true that lips get thinner over time?


Yes, it’s true. Thinning lips are part of the aging process, and like other tissues in our bodies, lips lose moisture and volume over time. This is due to decreased production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.  Smoking also contributes to the formation of the “barcode,” the dreaded wrinkles in the area surrounding the upper lip.



What features should a great lip plumper (for home use) have?


I also think it’s essential to have a dedicated beauty routine for lips: a lip scrub with oils with particles capable of providing mechanical exfoliation is a must, followed by wraps with nourishing balms and chilli pepper-based cleansers that create skin firmness. The scrub should be massaged into lips for a few minutes to make them smooth and plump.



What are the medical aesthetic lip plumping treatments and procedures, and how do they work? 


I have always believed that excessive plastic effects should always be avoided. It’s no coincidence that new trends are offering products and treatments that are not too “volumizing”, but more harmonious and natural. A number of hyaluronic acid-based injectables aim to redefine lip structure and address the unsightly “barcode” effect.


For lips that are already structured, I prefer a moisturizer and plumper without changing the volume.


Another key word in contemporary aesthetic medicine, when it comes to lips, is lip symmetrization. My analysis always starts with an evaluation of the bone structure and the teeth.



Whatever type of lip treatment and result you’re dreaming of, we’ll be waiting for you at SOTHERGA to discuss the best solution. Don’t be in a hurry and let us guide you towards a harmonious and natural solution.




Doctor Valentina Finotti

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Talking about wrinkles and loss of elasticity:


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