Spots in pregnancy

Dark spots are blemishes that can have very different causes, including hormonal changes. Discover how to regain beautiful and radiant skin after pregnancy.

24 March 2021

Posted by: Redazione Sotherga

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The causes of dark spots


The skin of the face and some particularly sensitive areas of the body are prone to spots. Dark spots are areas of a more or less intense brown color that appear on the epidermis. They represent one of the most dreaded imperfections by women and men of all ages. The causes of dark spots can be many, from excessive sun exposure without adequate protection to hormonal changes, use of pharmaceuticals, or a simple genetic predisposition. One of the periods in a woman’s life most at risk for dark spots is undoubtedly pregnancy. The spots that appear in pregnant women are called chloasma, melasma, or the “pregnancy mask”. 


Preventing dark spots in pregnancy


The hormonal changes of pregnancy favor the appearance of dark spots. At some point, the melanocyte cells begin to produce more melanin. Preventing the appearance of dark spots during pregnancy is possible by adopting a series of good habits which of course include correct exposure to the sun and a very high SPF or ‘total block’ even in the winter and especially if we are talking about skin with a dark phototype that already has brown spots, which indicate predisposition. An excellent habit is also to take care of your skin with regular peeling and facial cleansing. Chloasma usually disappears spontaneously at the end of pregnancy, but when the spots are already present on the face this phenomenon is slow to disappear and often causes unhappiness for the new mother.


Treatments to say goodbye to dark spots


At SOTHERGA, we focus on the latest generation treatments to allow you to say goodbye to skin blemishes. After giving birth, it is possible to perform facial treatments that can eliminate dark spots once the breastfeeding phase is also completed. Our aesthetic medical experts await you at SOTHERGA to advise you and illustrate the various technologies to define the most effective treatment plan to make blemishes disappear.


Q-Switched Laser


The latest-generation laser acts effectively against skin blemishes caused by an alteration in the production of melanin. This laser is capable of fragmenting targets such as surface cells containing melanin, leaving adjacent areas unaffected including the vascular network. With this state-of-the-art laser, just one session is often enough to remove the blemish.




Fraxel is the most advanced machinery of the moment, and it’s the only one to have Food and Drug Administration certification also for the treatment of melasma. This is a non-ablative fractional laser that stimulates deep tissues to naturally repair pigmented lesions (such as age spots and sun spots), melasma, periorbital wrinkles, and also acne scars. The Fraxel laser is painless and allows you to immediately return to your usual social life. The number of follow-ups and the duration of the treatment varies according to the extent of the blemish.


If, on the other hand, you prefer not to undergo a laser treatment, it’s possible to fight brown spots with a combination of peeling and very effective home programs. You can follow this in the comfort of your home thanks to retinol-rich creams such as those of the ZO Skin Health line.


We are waiting for you at SOTHERGA to choose together the medical path that will allow you to erase dark spots and give you back your smile!

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