Aesthetic medicine – not to be confused with surgery.

Aesthetic medicine is often confused with surgery. In reality, they are completely different approaches and philosophies.

20 December 2021

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Many patients who come to SOTHERGA to improve their appearance are not always clear about the difference between aesthetic medicine and aesthetic surgery. They are therefore surprised by our non-invasive treatments which are a fundamental and distinctive part of our philosophy. Aesthetic medicine and aesthetic surgery are two very different ways of solving problems and imperfections.



Aesthetic medicine today


Today, advances in aesthetic medicine treatments allow practitioners to offer their patients high-quality solutions without the need for a scalpel. This translates into a non-invasive procedure that also means less pain and above all a faster and easier recovery, which in most cases is even immediate.



Aesthetic medicine seeks to achieve the real wellness that comes from the sum of inner, physical and mental health as well as exterior well-being. At SOTHERGA, we have always advocated an approach that opposes standardisation and instead promotes a concept of beauty rooted in the authenticity and natural harmony of its components. Our team of aesthetic doctors aims to enhance and improve each patient’s features without ever altering them for the sake of passing fads or the desire to look like someone else. Naturally, the support of the best technologies available on the market is essential: without the technological innovations and avant-garde treatments available at SOTHERGA, it would be quite inconceivable to guarantee each patient’s aesthetic goals, with no need for surgical and invasive procedures. Technological progress is a fundamental component of aesthetic medicine!



Feeling good


A non-invasive treatment ensures the patient a greater sense of well-being, precisely because it reduces recovery times and, above all, simplifies procedures, turning the quest for facial and body improvements into a rewarding and positive personal journey.


When people think of surgery, they think of a shock treatment, which suddenly changes the patient’s life completely: let’s take, for example, an obese patient, who not having followed a correct diet, undergoes surgery for a drastic solution. Aesthetic medicine has a very different approach: it involves a precise programme of psychological, physical and social wellness. At SOTHERGA it is a multidisciplinary team, from dermatology to nutrition to regenerative medicine, which offers patients all-round improvement and the chance to feel good about themselves. Aesthetic medicine is about taking care of oneself more and more each day, starting from a young age and from a preventive point of view, without reaching the point where surgery becomes the only possible way to eliminate a problem.



Indeed, the number of patients and the growing demand for non-invasive treatments proves us right: nowadays it is important to like oneself, and even younger patients are becoming more aware that taking care of their bodies is a path to wellbeing that will benefit their whole lives. A journey that starts with getting to know oneself, continues with learning how to best improve oneself, and finally culminates in loving oneself

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