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There is a big difference between losing weight and losing weight at SOTHERGA. Because only at our clinic do we put a multidisciplinary team at your disposal to guide you to a more conscious, lasting, and healthy weight loss.

16 March 2021

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When it’s time to lose weight


We will never tire of repeating that beauty is not a trend, but the achievement of well-being and an aesthetic standard that makes us happy. However, looking in the mirror, sometimes we may not recognize ourselves. You feel out of shape and weighed down. Rediscovering the lost physical fitness then becomes an aesthetic and health need at the same time.

Doing it right is essential – even more so in a time like this when our favorite activities are limited. In fact, losing weight the wrong way is demotivating and also creates dissatisfaction because it does not reward you with the achievement of the goals you have set for yourself.


We take a holistic approach. What does that mean?


It means losing weight with a method that combines nutrition, diet coaching, and also the best technologies on the market to amplify results and reduce time. Last but not least, it’s a detox strategy that aims to reduce toxins and give the right energy for the continuation of the diet. At SOTHERGA, we put the NUTRI-TECH-DETOX system at your disposal with three conveniently combined phases. It’s a winning strategy against the extra pounds and stubborn fat. Let’s break it down phase by phase, and find out what it consists of in detail.




A weight loss program must start with nutrition and accurate analysis of the patient’s lifestyle and its characteristics, especially in terms of intolerances and allergies. Diet coaching also falls within the sphere of nutrition. It’s a highly motivating aspect that, appointment after appointment, guides you to achieve your goals and to maintain lasting results.




The best technologies such as Sculpsure, the non-invasive lipolysis that allows you to reduce localized fat in an amazing way, come to your aid with the aim of supporting you in your slimming process. Unlike a traditional liposuction it is completely not invasive, painless, and without all the consequences that a surgical treatment would necessarily entail. Another fundamental technology is radiofrequency, usually used in the second part of the regiment, when the fat is already reduced and the greatest need is to tone the areas affected by weight loss.




A detox program is also essential within a holistic approach aimed at losing weight. Intravenous drips are a valuable aid in removing all toxins. They are particularly suitable in the ketogenic phase of the diet because they ensure that you can control the sense of hunger without too much effort and give you the energy boost you need to keep going!


A typical treatment plan


A treatment plan at SOTHERGA includes several phases, some to be carried out on-site and others remotely. The holistic approach varies from patient to patient. Generally, as we have seen, it combines three areas: NUTRI, TECH and DETOX. A type of “typical” care starts from the nutritional sphere with a first in-depth investigation phase on intolerances, allergies, and lifestyles. A tailor-made diet is created that will accompany the patient for weeks, with regular checkups. At the same time, after the first weeks of the diet, the latest generation medical treatments are selected to help the body get rid of localized fat. The treatments vary along the way, adapting to the ever-changing needs of the body that is losing weight. The DETOX area is also usually initiated after the first month, with intravenous infusions that help the body get rid of toxins and waste.


Why the holistic approach is a winner


The holistic approach that we use at SOTHERGA guarantees a complete treatment: the patient is followed within a complete and varied path capable of maximizing results by reducing time. A modular and innovative strategy that allows you to lose weight without too much effort, optimizing the results and ensuring your body maximum comfort and well-being. Each path is naturally customized for every patient based on specific characteristics, needs and objectives to be achieved, so you can lose weight in a way most appropriate for your body.


Do you want to lose weight? Come to SOTHERGA to create a specific slimming journey with our specialist for your needs and your goals!


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