Excess hair removal: epilation or salon?

The difference is there and it shows. Choosing a medical treatment to remove unwanted hair from the face and body is the only choice that guarantees you an impeccable and long-lasting result for any type of hair and skin coloring.

09 February 2021

Posted by: Redazione Sotherga

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Still undecided on how to get rid of unwanted hair? Contacting a specialized aesthetic medicine center offers the guarantee of a better result and much more effective treatment. At SOTHERGA, we have selected the best treatments for those who want a smooth and soft body, with a definitive resolution for the problem of unwanted hair through the best technologies of the moment. Here are 3 good reasons to get rid of doubts and to help you make the right choice!


Pulsed light or laser?


Pulsed light is a ray of light energy used in beauty centers for the elimination of unwanted hair and for other aesthetic procedures on the face and body. The term “pulsed light” therefore indicates a beam of light energy which, thanks to a special device, reaches the tissues passing through the skin. It works selectively: for epilation, the lamp is set according to the color of the hair. It works exclusively on dark and melanin-rich hair. On the other hand, the brand new medical lasers that we have at SOTHERGA, such as SOPRANO technology, give perfect results on hair of any color and even act on tanned skin! With this cutting-edge technology, even the most difficult points can be reached thanks to the special laser with an ergonomic handpiece (totally painless).


Laser diode: not all are the same


Some beauty centers use laser diodes: don’t be fooled by the name of course, medical lasers are much more powerful! The laser for purely aesthetic use, while using the same principle as the medical one, is set so that it does not exceed a certain power. The medical laser, like the VECTUS technology that we use in SOTHERGA, emits a concentrated and very powerful beam of light that is directly and selectively absorbed by the melanin present in the hair bulb. The hair is struck and destroyed completely, without any damage to the skin. This translates into greater effectiveness and less time.


Cutting-edge technology


In the field of aesthetic medicine, technologies are continuously improved and innovated to offer aesthetic doctors ever new tools for solving the most common problems. This is the case, for example, of the new Elite IQ Alexandrite Laser: an innovative and strictly medical technology, which cannot be used in beauty centers. This special laser is capable of targeting even light brown and blond hair, unlike the laser diode which can only work on dark hair. In addition, alexandrite can be used on any skin phototype, even the darkest skin, and hair that is difficult to treat thanks to its high power. Finally, it should not be forgotten that with the alexandrite laser times are faster and the necessary sessions are fewer. In short, unthinkable results for a laser diode! Keep in mind that at SOTHERGA we have exclusivity in Italy: why don’t you take advantage of it?

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Treatments designed for those who want a smooth and soft body. At SOTHERGA, we offer a definitive resolution for unwanted hair through the most advanced technologies.

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