Wave goodbye to the sagginess under your arms!

Lassità sotto il braccio

Are you thinking of saying goodbye to tank tops and ​ swimsuits after looking in the mirror and noticing that the skin under your arms is sagging? Get ready to change your mind!

14 January 2021

Posted by: Redazione Sotherga

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Sagging skin under the arms is a clear sign of an aged body. As a matter of fact, its a particular skin laxity that mainly affects women (but not only) after a certain age. Sometimes it can also affect women who are still young due to a sedentary lifestyle or a genetic predisposition.

There are many ways to remedy this bothersome imperfection, but some require a lot of time, effort, and energy.


Today, aesthetic medicine offers cutting-edge and minimally invasive technologies to ensure the desired results in a short time. This includes muscle toning, firming, and elimination of skin laxity – even of sagging skin that is particularly stubborn like the lower part of the arms.


Radiofrequency with needles


At SOTHERGA we rely on Intensif® to combat skin laxity in various areas of the body. Its a high-energy, phase-controlled radiofrequency device that allows us to create a targeted contouring treatment to eliminate even the most sagging skin by using radiofrequency waves for body remodeling. The special handpiece is equipped with gold microneedles, which allows this technology to reach even the deepest areas of the epidermis while firming the tissues from the inside. 


It is a minimally invasive procedure that takes place under local anesthesia and in a few days allows the patient to return to their daily life. The results are noticeable within 6 weeks and are particularly long-lasting.


And now tone up!


To maximize the effect of radiofrequency with microneedles, you can pair a muscle toning treatment. In these cases, we recommend SOshape at SOTHERGA. Its an exclusive modeling treatment that allows you to build new muscles in different parts of the body while burning fat. SOshape is a multifunctional instrument particularly loved by our clients as it stimulates high frequency and high-intensity muscle contractions that the doctor can easily modulate, customizing the treatment according to the real needs of the patient.


SOshape is not an electrostimulator. We are talking about a 7 Tesla electromagnetic field, the most powerful in the medical field. These contractions enable the muscle to burn energy and also the surrounding fat. Thanks to SOshape the muscles of the body are shaped perfectly! This treatment is particularly suitable for the buttocks and abdomen. However, when combined with the Intensif® radiofrequency, it offers excellent results for sagging skin under the arms as it restores tone and definition to this area that is difficult to treat.



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