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The false myths about skin hydration

20 April 2021

Posted by: redazione Sotherga

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Your skin definitely needs hydration. But are you sure that it really needs moisturizer? Since childhood, we’ve been used to a three-step beauty routine: cleanse, tone, moisturize. But is it the right way?


ZO Skin Health, a skin care regiment loved by Hollywood stars, has a philosophy that shows us a different point of view. Very different.


ZO Skin Health believes that moisturizers should be eliminated from your beauty routine. Ok, this sentence can leave you perplexed but read on to really learn more about proper hydration.


Why do without moisturizer?


We’ve been taught to moisturize our skin every day. But what no one has ever told us is that this could actually cause more damage than benefits. This happens because our skin gets used to the hydration coming from an external source, and stops producing its own moisturizing oils. In other words, why do something if someone else is doing it for you?


Skin becomes sluggish.


The skin no longer produces those natural substances that it previously produced spontaneously. The moisturizer ends up becoming a barrier that can undermine your skin’s delicate balance and the natural production of sebum.


We are not saying that no one should use moisturizer anymore!


There are people who need to use moisturizer. They have dry skin with skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema. Most people don’t need a moisturizer because their skin is perfectly capable of spontaneously hydrating.


There are people who suffer from dry skin but do not have a skin disease like the ones mentioned above who. It’s key to investigate the causes of dryness and not settle for a temporary remedy. You may need an exfoliating treatment that can remove dead cells and restore softness and radiance. 


Do you want to try? We are waiting for you at SOTHERGA!


If you want to try to do without the moisturizer, come to SOTHERGA and undergo a careful analysis of your skin. Our Dermatologists and Aesthetic Doctors will advise you on the strategies and treatments best suited to your skin type. You will also find products from the ZO Skin Health line at the clinic to give your skin a chance to naturally start producing moisturizers again in 4-6 weeks.


Our treatments

Talking about wrinkles and loss of elasticity:


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