Bikini Season: Nothing to Fear

It's not too late to fight off those unpleasant fat lumps. There’s still time before summer – actually, this is the right time to better prepare with the most innovative techniques for localized weight loss that ensure effectiveness and excellent results in a short amount of time.

13 April 2021

Posted by: Redazione Sotherga

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SculpSure: non-invasive laser lipolysis


SculpSure is a laser that selectively targets fat cells: it heats them and causes their death. The body then takes a few weeks to completely eliminate these dead cells via the lymphatic system. This state-of-the-art machinery allows you to treat every area of ​​the body. Of course, it is often used for those areas typically affected by excess fat such as the belly and much-hated love handles. In reality, however, SculpSure proves to be very effective even for more difficult areas such as knees or the lower chin for which a special handpiece is also provided. During a session, the handpieces are positioned over the affected area by means of supports that are firmly tied to the different parts of the body to be treated. At SOTHERGA we usually use 4 handpieces for the abdomen and 2 handpieces to eliminate love handles. The doctor scrupulously adjusts the intensity of the laser to adhere to pre-established protocols and also based on the patient’s tolerance. The machine autonomously alternates heating cycles with laser in action and cooling cycles.


After the treatment, you can immediately return to everyday life because this treatment does not leave any marks on the skin.


We remind you that SculpSure is a medical treatment that requires a careful medical examination.


SculpSure is right for you if…


If you want to combat localized fat in different areas of the body. If you’ve tried everything and have always gotten poor results. If the fat is found in areas that are difficult to treat such as saddlebags in women and love handles for men and women.



1-2 sessions, 6 weeks apart. Results are typically seen 8-12 weeks after treatment.



The cost ranges from € 250 to € 750 based on the extent of the area to be treated.


Liposonix: against stubborn fat 


Liposonix is ​​a very effective treatment that performs a selective action against adipocytes just like SculpSure. However, its technology harnesses the power of ultrasounds which attack fat cells with micro-bubbles.

Dead fat cells are subsequently expelled from the body. The Liposonix technology cannot be used indiscriminately on every area of ​​the body. Liposonix is ​​mainly used on the abdomen, love handles, saddlebags, hips and inner thighs.

Treatment can leave bruises on the treated area. Bruises usually reabsorb quickly and naturally.

Liposonix is ​​also a medical treatment that requires a careful examination to evaluate adequate indications.


Liposonix is right for you if…

If you have a greater amount of localized and stubborn fat. This treatment can only be done on thicker fat accumulations (at least 1 inch thick).



1-2 sessions, 6-8 weeks apart.



The cost is around € 750 per session.


Intralipotherapy: especially for small areas


This treatment is performed by injecting a chemical agent that dissolves fat cells. It can only be used in small areas such as the chin. Unlike the other types of localized fat treatment, there is no machinery involved. The injections can cause redness and swelling for a day or two, but then the situation normalizes quickly and naturally.


Intralipotherapy is right for you if…

This treatment is ideal for those who have small accumulations of localized fat in non-extensive areas.



At least 4 sessions are needed, 1-2 weeks apart.



The cost is around € 250 per session.


These treatments to combat localized fat usually represent valid alternatives. At SOTHERGA we analyze every patient’s need and then we choose the best treatment to use on a bespoke basis. Treatments are usually not mixed because each has different indications.


For localized fat reduction treatments, we often advise patients to combine them with toning treatments such as radiofrequency or muscle-strengthening (eg SOshape) to have an optimal combined effect.


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