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Fat loss with Liposonix ultrasounds

06 June 2019

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Liposonix is ​​a latest-generation, FDA approved machine that reduces the annoying accumulations of localized fat in a single session through sound waves without the need for scalpels or dressings.

The ultrasounds generate micro-bubbles at the level of the fat cells that make their membrane permeable as they burst, and therefore allow the contained fat to escape.

This process acts exclusively at the level of the adipose tissue, leaving the skin and other tissues intact. The handpiece follows a precise treatment scheme that allows the fat to be disposed of evenly. The heat also contracts the collagen fibers and makes the skin more toned and elastic. The machine that generates the ultrasounds allows the doctor to establish the exact depth and frequency in order to personalize the treatment.


It’s a treatment that:

  • Requires one/two sessions;
  • Is not invasive;
  • Doesn’t require recovery times;
  • Allows an immediate return to normal social life;
  • Allows natural and permanent results.

The treatment takes about 1 hour. The patient can immediately return to their normal activities.

The results will be noticeable after about 2 months, which is the time our body needs to dispose of the fat released with the treatment. The results are definitive as the eliminated fat will no longer reform. However, all this cannot replace a healthy lifestyle, a controlled diet and regular exercise.

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