Water Retention

The healthy habits and proper lifestyle to prevent it and the winning treatments to get rid of it.

23 April 2021

Posted by: Redazione Sotherga

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What is water retention?


When we talk about water retention, we mean a disorder that mainly affects women but it does not completely exclude the male gender. Water retention is our body’s tendency to retain liquids, which are then deposited between cells. This buildup of fluid causes swelling called edema. Why does this happen? Water retention is linked to an imbalance of the venous system and lymphatic vessels that are unable to expel liquids and toxins.


How to know if I have water retention?


There is a very simple test that you can also do at home to find out if you suffer from water retention. Press the ball of the thumb into the front of your thigh. Done? If the fingerprint remains visible even when you removed your finger, you probably suffer from retention. There are of course also diagnostic tests that can objectively identify the presence of water retention, such as a urine test. The most frequent symptoms are swollen legs and heaviness caused by edema. The skin of the affected area appears dimpled and shinier. Water retention should not be underestimated  it can lead to illnesses and even serious pathologies in the most serious cases.


The areas most affected by water retention


The lower limbs are usually the areas most affected by fluid accumulation, as well as the abdomen (which is already affected by the accumulation of fat), thighs, ankles, and even feet. Stagnant fluids tend to accumulate in the lower part of our body.


A healthy lifestyle


Water retention can have very different causes. It may be due to liver diseases, hypertension, or metabolic disorders. In most cases, however, it is linked to an unhealthy lifestyle like an unbalanced diet rich in salt and caffeine, little to no physical activity, or even the use of some medicines such as cortisone. Adopting a healthy and well-balanced diet, reducing the consumption of alcohol and coffee and a little exercise every day can improve lymphatic circulation and reduce water retention. The multidisciplinary team at SOTHERGA, counting on the support of Nutritionists and Diet Coaches, can concretely help you improve your nutrition and therefore help you fight water retention, also from this point of view.


The most suitable treatments if you suffer from water retention


At SOTHERGA, our team of Aesthetic Doctors awaits you for advice and a careful analysis of the fundamental problem to identify the most suitable treatment path for each individual need against water retention, cellulite and localized fat. For example, we often use Carboxytherapy, the medical treatment that is carried out by injecting gaseous carbon dioxide into the dermis or subcutaneous tissue. Carboxytherapy can also be combined with treatments that act on skin laxity such as Accent UltraSpeed, the radiofrequency that uses the heat of radiofrequency to effectively reshape the different areas of the body, or SOshape, the handpiece capable of sculpting, toning, and defining the treated areas.


Our treatments

Talking about cellulite:


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