SOshape: the technology that shapes your body

Shaping your body, reducing fat mass and defining the most critical points to perfection (including your abdomen and buttocks). This is now all possible without cosmetic surgery with our innovative treatment that harnesses the innovation of muscle contraction.

06 November 2020

Posted by: Redazione SOTHERGA

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Firm and sculpted buttocks. Toned abdomen, free of fat. High and well shaped hips. These are the dreams of many men and women, and today they’re also reality thanks to the SOshape treatment. Our innovative multifunctional machine burns fat and therefore reduces fat mass while improving the shape and tone of your muscles.


Our new treatment


At SOTHERGA, we’ve recently introduced a new machine that allows a targeted muscle remodeling treatment. We satisfied the desire and requests of many customers to define the muscles of the key areas and burn fat in order to show off a more beautiful, athletic and toned physique. The recommended treatment cycle is about 6 sessions, with a frequency of one session per week. The treatment is completely painless and of course anesthesia-free. No marks will be left on your body as we don’t use extreme heat or cold, and we ensure zero recovery times to the delight of customers who can immediately return to their daily life.


How Soshape works


The special machinery placed on the treated area induces muscle contractions. This is a specific range of frequencies that prevents the muscle from relaxing between one stimulus and another. In fact, the muscle remains contracted for several seconds, which provides two benefits: the muscle tissue is exposed to a high charge and new muscle mass is created, and on the other hand muscle consumes energy and burns the surrounding fat cells. These results are thanks to focused electromagnetic waves that induce a continuous contraction to remodel the shape of the muscles. These special contractions also allow the decomposition of the fat cells that affect the treated area. It has nothing to do with electrostimulation: it’s all 7 tesla technology the most powerful medical magnetic field on the market. It also offers your doctor the ability to modulate the main frequency and the subfrequency in order to customize the treatment according to your specific needs.

Our treatments

Talking about fat and excess weight:


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