Ultra Pulse CO2: laser removal of skin lesions

Today we’re discussing cutting-edge techniques for removing skin lesions – from dermatological surgery to the most advanced and non-invasive technologies in perfect coherence with the SOTHERGA philosophy.

07 May 2021

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Surgery: the only choice in case of melanoma


The therapy of choice for melanoma is skin surgery followed by a histological examination, which is essential to allow the dermatologist to make a definitive diagnosis thus distinguishing a mole (benign melanocytic neoformation) from a melanoma (malignant melanocytic neoformation).


How to eliminate unsuspected lesions?


Thanks to pattern analysis with the dermatoscope, being able to clinically define melanocytic lesions (originating from melanocytes) from non-melanocytic lesions (other types of dark spots on the skin and different types of skin growths) has allowed technology to create lasers for the removal of these last types of lesions and to eliminate them without a trace.

Unsuspected lesions, solar lentigos, seborrheic keratoses, sebaceous hyperplasias, pendulous fibroids and many others can now be removed without leaving scars and marks, which is often inevitable with surgery. Keep in mind that surgery is, on the other hand, essential when a histological finding is necessary.


The most advanced technology for unsuspected skin lesions: ULTRA PULSE CO2.


Ultra Pulse CO2 is the gold standard procedure for laser removal of unsuspected skin lesions. This is a technologically advanced laser that acts deeper than any other ablative laser. This extraordinarily-effective technology was born a few decades ago in the field of military technologies. As a matter of fact, this particular laser was developed to dazzle the enemies at that time, but soon it was understood that the laser was even able to discolor the tanks of the enemies, hence the intuition of its use in the medical field.


Extremely precise, with great versatility: the Ultra Pulse laser is ideal for ordinary lesions that can affect the skin and also for the elimination of thicker and more complex lesions. Fast, effective, precise: the Ultra Pulse today truly represents the ultimate in eliminating skin lesions such as keratosis, spots and growths, from every point of view!


Before, during and after treatment with Ultra Pulse CO2


When choosing to use the Ultra Pulse CO2 laser, it is always good to prepare the skin for treatment with a skin therapy regimen that always includes SPF50+ sunscreen. During the treatment, it is possible to use a topical or infiltrative anesthetic.


About a week after treatment, the area where the lesion was removed heals completely and the patient can return to life as usual. 


We remind you that for the whole month of May, SOTHERGA is offering a favorable price on mole mapping appointments. 


Once the unsuspected lesions have been identified, you can rely on our team of experts for the best therapeutic path aimed at eliminating the skin lesion with a laser treatment. You can be assured that Ultra Pulse CO2 represents the highest level of effectiveness today.


Ultra Pulse CO2 perfectly represents the SOTHERGA philosophy. It is a minimally-invasive technology that improves skin appearance without distorting it. It uses cutting-edge technology, ensuring the patient not only immediate results but also quick and fast recovery times!


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