A look at the “G-Point Lift”

A new technique called G Point Lift for the treatment of the lower eyelid with hyaluronic acid.

11 January 2021

Posted by: Redazione Sotherga

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This new approach for the treatment of lower eyelid imperfections with fillers arises from the combination of the principles of lower eyelid surgery with filler injection techniques. It was conceived by Francesco P. Bernardini and Gabriela Casabona, and has gone on to be published in international literature.


Scientific studies have shown that the area around the eyes is at the center of facial aesthetic concern. The first signs of aging are perceived right around the eyes, and 80% of patients between 45 and 50 years request a rejuvenation as their first treatment to beautifytheir gaze.


Constitutional dark circles


In addition to the static and dynamic signs of aging, there are constitutional defects that affect the gaze which can be present even at a young age. These defects are normally described by patients as ‘bags’ and ‘dark circles’, often in variable combinations.


By applying the concepts derived from our surgical activity to the fillers, we have developed a specific injection technique for the infra-orbital region to obtain a “surgical result” with a non-invasive technique to correct the gaps, ‘eliminate’ the bags and support the eyelid while also improving the quality of the skin.


The combination of the techniques dedicated to the surgery of the lower eyelid applied to the treatment with fillers made it possible to recognize a specific anatomical point, defined as the aesthetic ‘G-Point’. Its the ideal point to focus attention on to model the infraorbital region, correcting the main defects that affect this delicate area and minimizing the risk of complications.


Why is the G-Point aesthetic so beneficial? 


The G-Point is a specific point of maximum lifting effect (common to surgery and aesthetic medicine), used both in the surgical approach to the lower eyelid and in treatment with fillers. An injection into the “G-Point” is particularly effective because it allows you to obtain “surgical” results using a non-invasive approach.

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