Covid vaccine and fillers


Here are guidelines regarding the Covid vaccine and aesthetic medicine fillers.

14 July 2021

Posted by: Redazione Sotherga

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The possible interactions and adverse reactions caused by vaccines against Covid-19 have been discussed at length. As a result of some reports in relation to aesthetic fillers, the Italian Association of Aesthetic Medicine has chosen to issue official guidelines for the administration of fillers in conjunction with the new vaccines. In particular, some adverse reactions were found in patients who were inoculated with the Moderna vaccine.


At SOTHERGA, the Italian Association of Aesthetic Medicine guidelines are of course followed scrupulously and precisely.



However, let’s get some clarity to find out the protocol and official guidelines to be able to perform each aesthetic treatment safely.



If you are going to have a filler treatment, it is essential to inform your Aesthetic Doctor of your Covid vaccine status. In fact, it should be communicated to the professional if and when you are going to do the vaccine so that together you can schedule aesthetic treatments without risk of inflammation or side effects.



Before the first dose: avoid fillers for the 15 days before administration. 


Before the second dose: avoid fillers for the 30 days following administration. 



Fillers should also be avoided in the period between the first and second doses.



So in summary, from 15 days before the date of the first dose until 30 days after the date of the second dose, no filler can be done to avert the potential risks of adverse reactions. These indications apply to each type of Covid vaccine and each patient age group.



The adverse reactions that have been encountered to date are not serious and are transitory including edema, redness, and mild soreness. They have all been resolved without effects. These reactions occurred in proximity to the hyaluronic acid injection. The reported cases resolved without complications and with anti-inflammatory therapy.



In general, without creating false alarmism, it is good to know that a hyaluronic acid (filler)  injection treatment or treatments based on botulinum toxin should always be avoided around vaccinations. While the vaccine stimulates the body to create new antibodies, the substances injected by the aesthetic treatment are recognized by the body as foreign and in a sense “opposed”. The advice for any vaccination, even the simple flu shot, is therefore to avoid aesthetic treatments such as filler or botulinum toxin for a minimum period of three weeks.



Trust SOTHERGA and choose your treatment in total serenity and safety with the expert advice of our professionals!

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