Ever heard of well-ageing?

A more positive approach to the passage of time

09 January 2022

Posted by: Redazione Sotherga

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Goodbye “anti-aging”

Forget the idea that after age 35, aging is served. Because if there’s one certainty in life, it’s that we all age. And aging is nothing more than the progressive loss of self-repair by our body that, in terms of skin, begins to overly in hydration, elasticity and firmness. It is since 2017 that, overseas, people have started to consider beauty as an exclusive not only for young people anymore. People are talking about Perennials – people who are always blossoming, at any age – and they are starting to stop using the term anti-aging. In an essay written by Ashton Applewhite for the New York Times, it was discussed how the competition to remain eternally young represents the greatest cultural impoverishment of our time. One should not classify oneself by age because this only reinforces ageism, or the angst one experiences by pretending to be what one is not.

The rebellion against the concept of anti-aging has thus begun

CoverGirl, for example, chose Maye Musk for its cover, while Allure opted for Helen Mirren and Vogue Italia for Lauren Hutton in the issue dedicated to over 60 women. Three examples of women who didn’t feel the need to completely redo their faces in order to have the skin of a twenty-something. In no time at all, many other stars have decided to look as natural as possible, sporting less make-up and even gray hair on red carpets. See, for example, Katie Holmes and Andie MacDowell. Pioneer was Jane Fonda, who still praises physical activity to rejuvenate the body, while Gwyneth Paltrow, through her website Goop, suggests creams that reactivate cellular energy thanks to stabilized actives like omega, glycogen, hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, preferably with technologies that act deeper into the skin and require more time to be metabolized. This does not mean giving up skincare or some micro aesthetic treatments, such as threads that increase collagen production, rather it means protecting the skin in the best possible way.

Well-ageing’s goal

Recently, the Royal Society for Public Health called for the British cosmetics industry to ban the words “anti-aging” on packaging. The aim of well-ageing is precisely this: to shift the focus to well-being and no longer to the standardization of perfection. Well-ageing rather means taking care of oneself, without wanting to hide one’s age, relying on specialists who help to benefit from a detox action not necessarily by rejuvenating the face with injections but also thanks to non-invasive treatments, such as systemic ozone therapy or IV therapy. The mantra of 2022 is that we should not fight against aging, but rather understand it and live it to the fullest, thanks in part to medical supervisions that allow us to customize skincare on the initial diagnosis and progressive response to therapy. Skin, after all, is the mirror of health. We must learn to listen to it.

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