Technology, professionalism and a space where everything becomes possible. Where the unique and distinctive beauty of each person who enters is enhanced. Like a work of art.

Immagine clinica estetica Milano

SOTHERGA was born from Founder Dr. Marco Bartolucci’s will to create a new benchmark in the world of Italian aesthetic medicine and surgery.

In developing the project, Dr. Marco Bartolucci imagined a facility where patients can benefit from the most advanced technologies the industry has to offer. At the same time, they will enjoy a unique experience that is guaranteed by the meticulous attention paid to the selection of professionals and curation of the location.

The staff is trained to offer an excellent level of service. At SOTHERGA, there is a permanent collection of art that accompanies the patient on their journey inside the clinic. The patient who decides to trusts SOTHERGA is placed at the center of a system that is designed to manage his or her needs and obtain the desired results.


Dr. Marco Bartolucci

Angelo Castello


Ester Clarenzi SOTHERGA
Alessandra è parte del team di front office della clinica di Medicina Estetica SOTHERGA di Milano
Alessandra Maranini SOTHERGA




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