Dr. Laetitia Colombo

Aesthetic Doctor and Medical Director

About me

I’m Laetitia Colombo Fink, and I’m Medical Director at the SOTHERGA clinic. I specialize in laser treatments, and I’m passionate about new technologies that are being used to treat our patients’ various needs. These treatments make possible today what was previously unimaginable!

What I can do for you

My goal is to carefully analyze my patients' needs and then customize a treatment plan suited to their daily life. Each patient is unique, and each face has specific characteristics with a unique story to tell.

My tip

I’ll never forget my childhood in California where I spent my days playing on the beach. I vividly remember my mother constantly applying sunscreen on my face and body. My advice for maintaining healthy skin is to apply sunscreen daily.




The most advanced treatments that we use at SOTHERGA to eliminate the most common cellulite blemishes – at every stage.

Fat and excess weight


All the most advanced methods for reducing body weight. A guided path that follows emotional balance towards the rediscovery of your ideal shape.

Hair removal


Treatments designed for those who want a smooth and soft body. At SOTHERGA, we offer a definitive resolution for unwanted hair through the most advanced technologies.

Scars and skin lesions


The most effective solutions we use at SOTHERGA to eliminate spots from the face and body caused by hyperpigmentation, scars, stretch marks and old tattoos.

Sebum and skin impurities


Even the everyday can be extraordinary. At SOTHERGA, our doctors await you with innovative treatments to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin.

Wrinkles and loss of elasticity


At SOTHERGA we use the most advanced technologies for our aesthetic medicine treatments, helping you to counteract time and rediscover shape and beauty.

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