Dr. Federico Gallo Carrabba

Medical doctor

About me

I became passionate about this discipline after suffering from acne for years as a teenager in my beautiful Sicily. It made me realise the importance of investing in one's own personal health, also from an aesthetic point of view. This realisation ultimately introduced me to the world of aesthetic medicine. Today, my idea of beauty is synonymous with harmony, and my goal is to help patients feel comfortable in the skin they live in.

What I can do for you

Confucius said that everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. I can help you discern the beauty within. In perfect harmony with the SOTHERGA philosophy, I am convinced that the objective of an Aesthetic Doctor is not simply to satisfy all of the patient's requests, but rather to accompany him or her day after day, on a path aimed at enhancing those qualities that make each of us unique. ciascuno di noi.

My tip

There are no specific standards by which one can define beauty. The fundamental thing is to respect the characteristics that make a patient unique, opting for a conserative approach.




The most advanced treatments that we use at SOTHERGA to eliminate the most common cellulite blemishes – at every stage.

Fat and excess weight


All the most advanced methods for reducing body weight. A guided path that follows emotional balance towards the rediscovery of your ideal shape.

Hair removal


Treatments designed for those who want a smooth and soft body. At SOTHERGA, we offer a definitive resolution for unwanted hair through the most advanced technologies.

Sebum and skin impurities


Even the everyday can be extraordinary. At SOTHERGA, our doctors await you with innovative treatments to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin.

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