Dr. Francesco Bernardini

Oculoplastic Surgeon
Francesco Bernardini
Francesco Bernardini

About me

I’m an ophthalmologist specialized in Oculo-Facial Plastic. After a two-year fellowship in the USA, I entered this ultra-specialized sector dedicated to the periocular area that combines the functionality and aesthetics of the eye – a complex and delicate organ. The functionality must be respected in order to obtain the highest aesthetic result. Patients are aware of the importance of the ultra-specialist and turn to the expert to entrust their eyes and surrounding areas to safe hands: oculoplasty is no longer a luxury for a few but a need for everyone. That's why I came to SOTHERGA, a clinic in the constant search for perfection. It offers its patients the best specialists to achieve a total balance between the required treatment and the result achieved. With my arrival, SOTHERGA expands its offer, confirming excellence in the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery.

What I can do for you

Our periocular region is unique – it represents our social "digital footprint": an instinctive and immediate recognition that distinguishes us and makes us unforgettable from the first impression. The in-depth study of the anatomy and the constant observation of facial expressions allow me to respect the uniqueness of your face, enhancing characteristics without standardizing the final result. Each medical treatment or surgery aims to maintain the harmony of the eyes with the rest of the face. The more we value the periocular region, the more the effect on other people will be immediate, positive, and almost magnetic.

My tip

In my professional life, I have dedicated many years to research. Even today, as an esteemed and established professional known all over the world, I continue to devote much of my time to studying and seeking excellence. Preparation is the basis of success and every success comes from the constant search for perfection. I want to share with you a thought by Benjamin Franklin: "By failing to prepare you’re preparing to fail.” This thought has guided me through my career and still does today.


Cosmetic surgery


Cosmetic surgery performed by SOTHERGA professionals for the improvement of the face and body.

Wrinkles and loss of elasticity


At SOTHERGA we use the most advanced technologies for our aesthetic medicine treatments, helping you to counteract time and rediscover shape and beauty.

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