Today I want to introduce you to something new. It’s called LUYT COSMETICS and it’s a new brand in the skin care scene. The special features that I like about this brand are three, precisely the fact that we have created products starting from scientific evidence: they are suitable for all phototypes and can also be used in post-treatment. The line consists of five products, designed to ensure that the numerous active ingredients contained within them can carry out synergistic work within the various steps and thus allow us to treat different blemishes and different indications with the same skin regimen. The company reflects a fluid, sustainable, and totally inclusive personality. The product that I consider the most interesting, also considering our clinical practice, is called SOLID WATER. It is a cream that can perform several functions. In fact, it contains many active ingredients, including niacinamide, which would be vitamin B-III, able to manage hyperpigmentation, bakuchiol, which we could all be the organic vegan and even summer alternative, precisely because it is not photosensitizing to retinol, and a pool of fatty acids that will nourish and work on the skin’s radiance.

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