Sotherga Bioskin Brand Ambassador in Italy

As of today, thanks to the partnership with Bioskin in Italy, Sotherga has become a brand ambassador center for Lutronic and Classis, two very large and high-performance families of technologies. Today we begin to introduce one of these technologies, which is produced by Classis and is called the Ultraformer III.

The Ultraformer III is a technology that uses focused micro and macro ultrasound to have several functions. Let’s start with tissue repositioning, what we call non-surgical lifting, both of the face and of the body if we want to treat laxity, but we also manage, thanks to the macro focusing of the ultrasound, which is possible and thanks to the achievement of a very large area of heat, to treat localized adiposity.

So, it is a very versatile machine that allows us to treat different indications. The particularity of Ultraformer is that it manages, in some cases and with some transducers, to microfocus the ultrasound, so we have a one cubic millimeter point of heat and this does it at a depth of one and a half millimeters, three millimeters, and four and a half millimeters.

Then there are other depths, then also the two millimeters, so it can be used very well in the face, which manages to focus the ultrasound. So what’s the difference? Instead of having one cubic millimeter of heating, we will have a heating zone of up to seventy degrees, a temperature necessary to stimulate the production of new collagen by as much as eight millimeters.

Patient selection is key because these are very high-performance technologies, so clearly you have to have the right indication to undergo such a treatment. With the introduction of the new two-millimeter macrofocused handpiece, we have been able to achieve exceptional results even in areas that we could hardly treat with microfocused ultrasound before, for example, the barcode region, the periocular region, which we were struggling to treat just with microfocused alone before.

With Ultraformer III, thanks precisely to the two-millimeter transducer, however, which macrofocuses the ultrasound, we are able to work just very well even in these areas of the face.

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