Carboxy therapy

Eliminates cellulite and localized adiposity, and improves microcirculation.

19 June 2020

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Carboxy Therapy is an effective treatment against cellulite, stretch marks, skin laxity and localized adiposity – even on stubborn skin. This is because it helps vasodilation and cell regeneration by taking advantage of carbon dioxide action. Carbon dioxide is a non-toxic gas that can perform important vasodilation actions, which is then naturally expelled from the body. It stimulates the fibroblasts responsible for skin elasticity and collagen production.
Carboxy Therapy is an effective, painless and safe treatment which consists in the subcutaneous administration of medical-grade carbon dioxide. Dosages and administration times vary according to the blemish to be eliminated. Carbon dioxide is introduced into the dermis with small needles: during the treatment, the doctor manages the gas supply, flow and temperature, while customizing it according to the patient's needs.
After a Carboxy Therapy session, a slight swelling of the treated area is normal and disappears in 24 hours. It’s possible to feel a sensation of heat, which is a signal that the microcirculation is reactivated, and to have some bruises that disappear in 4 or 5 days.
The skin immediately appears more toned and younger, thanks to the greater oxygenation of the tissues. The lifting effect is quick and long lasting.
    After some sessions
    Not necessary
    30 min

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