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The treatment for the well-being of your soul

A shining soul in a radiant body. At SOTHERGA, this is our goal for our patients, and we now know very well how closely these two aspects are tightly intertwined and connected

02 July 2020

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The increase in people with anxiety disorders, difficulty sleeping, panic attacks and generalized malaise is a clear indicator that the prevention of psychophysical well-being is a practice that is still little known – and even less practiced. Physical well-being is expressed through emotional well-being: vitality flows and expresses itself freely without restrictions in a body of someone without emotional blocks.
The emotional block is the more or less conscious "decision" not to allow an emotion to flow. It may be caused by a traumatic event or news, and it can’t complete its effect because it’s too intense and painful. It thus becomes an emotion that has not been allowed to express itself, creating a dissonance in the normal process of homeostasis (the ability of cells to rebalance in your body). It’s this lasting dissonance, caused by the block, that can create a malaise.
At the SOTHERGA clinic, you can benefit from an Emotional Detox path – a treatment specifically designed to solve and overcome emotional blocks. The Emotional Detox is an experience lived in an extremely subjective way, which acts on the patient's deep unconscious. The treatment carried out by Dr. Zamboni, who specializes in experimental psychology and cognitive behavioral neuroscience, consists of intense and guided breathing associated with acupressure in trigger points. The release of somatized emotional blocks over time can manifest itself in various physical forms, from muscle shaking to emotional crying, and even liberating laughter.
The feel-good effect is immediate from the first session. Three meetings with Dr. Zamboni are necessary to complete the path and settle into the feeling of well-being.
    3 sessions
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