Non-surgical face lifting

Reshapes the face, neck, décolleté and other areas of the body

02 July 2020

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Ultherapy® is the first and only microfocused ultrasound lifting with ultrasound guidance. It’s an innovative treatment that deeply regenerates the skin, making it more toned, compact and smooth – without the use of scalpels or needles.
Collagen is a protein in our skin that decreases over time, causing a loss of tone and firmness. Ultherapy® uses ultrasounds to stimulate the natural process of collagen fiber production (neocollagenesis), as it lifts and firms the face in a non-invasive way. The ultrasounds reach different depths, from the skin to the deepest layers where skin laxity originates. The microfocused ultrasounds deeply heat up the tissue, but only at the focal point – which leaves the skin surface and intermediate tissues unaltered. Ultherapy® ultrasound guidance ensures maximum precision at all times.
This treatment has no recovery time, and allows you to immediately return to your social life.
More than a million Ultherapy® treatments have been performed worldwide for non-surgical face, neck and décolleté lifting. The efficacy and safety of Ultherapy® is documented in over 90 clinical studies and scientific publications, which are internationally recognized by the European Community and the rigorous US Food and Drug Administration.
    In 2-3 months
    Topical with cream
    30-45 min

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